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Sohrab Ahmari

I moved out of my mother’s after freshman year and rented a room in an apartment building just off campus. The three-story complex was something of a student slum. My unit, on the top floor, had sticky linoleum flooring, cheap broken fixtures, and inoperable air conditioning that left it baking in the dry heat of the Utah summer. I didn’t mind, though. It was better than that ignominious trailer park, and I reveled in the new freedom that came with flying out of the maternal nest.

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Derya Little

The ultimate breakthrough is death. Not the death of the body, after which our fate is sealed, but death to self.

As we journey through life with many tears and smiles, the Lord time and again provides opportunities for us to claim this death. His whisper is always there for the one who is willing to hear. His grace is always within reach for the one who is willing to extend a hand.

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