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Ulf and Birgitta Ekman

So in October, I took the opportunity to return to the Bethlehem Sisters in Lourdes, where Birgitta and I had been in 2007. This time I went there alone and stayed for one week.  

One day I went down to Lourdes. The evening before, alone in the little cottage, I suddenly had heard within me three sentences as I prayed: ‘‘Go to confession.’’ ‘‘Go to Mass.’’ ‘‘Bathe in the spring.’’ I perceived this as a loving instruction from the Lord, and as a non-Catholic I did not know what I should do about this. It really surprised me, and it felt like an invitation to come much closer to the Catholic Church. How was I to enjoy the graces these words contained? How in the world could that happen? I was curious about what would happen in Lourdes and a bit nervous about how this would come about.

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